Thrill Ride Lovers Rejoice! Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s ‘Tempesto’ is Open for Business

Adrenaline-seekers rejoice! Premier Rides’ new thrilling coaster, Tempesto, is now open to the general public. The ride boasts numerous unique elements: multiple launches, a twisting heartline inversion, ascending and descending twists and two vertical rolls. The reviews are in, and riders couldn’t be more excited.

“This is a roller coaster with non-stop thrills. [This ride] is going to give you a unique experience that you haven’t had anywhere else…you’ve got great speed and some different motion…you get to roll backwards after you leave the station…[and] there’s some great air time moments which for a coaster enthusiast…that’s what we live for.”—Elizabeth Ringas, American Coaster Enthusiasts

“Thrilling. Intense.”—Carl Lum, President of Busch Gardens Williamsburg

“Tempesto at Busch Gardens VA is so much fun!”—Avery Lite, Park Guest

“The slow roll 150 feet above the ground you’re like my gosh, unless you are a fighter pilot, you just don’t do it in normal life.”—Larry Giles, VP of Engineering

“[Tempesto] was so much fun. I love the twists and turns of it.”—Calista Ringas, 12-year-old park guest

“First Tempesto zips you through the station forward and backward at 60 miles an hour. Then it takes you through nonstop twists and turns all the way up to 150 feet where you seem to dangle for a second.”—Joe Flanagan, 13News Now Reporter

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