Premier Rides ensures prompt, accurate and personalized service for all ride needs. Staffed by professionals, we are dedicated to seeing that all of your needs are met with the utmost in efficiency and courtesy.  Our employees have decades of experience working in the theme park industry and are committed to making sure you are totally satisfied with the products and service.

We provide high-quality, custom solutions that incorporate the most recent technological innovations and advancements in the industry.

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Premier Service™ / Premier Rapid Response Network™

Premier Service™ / Premier Rapid Response Network™

Quality custom services that increase guest comfort & safety while improving operation efficiency, resulting in less wear, lower maintenance and the longer life of your ride.  The Premier Service™ team has decades of theme park experience & understands your need for rapid response, quality components, and competitive pricing.  Premier Rides values our relationships with our customers and works relentlessly to satisfy your needs.  Premier has offices in the US, Europe and Asia & we offer the 24/7/365 Premier Rapid Response Network™ to those who have placed their trust in us.

Legacy Ride Restoration & Upgrade

Legacy Ride Restoration & Upgrade

  • Creation of 3D computer model of the entire ride
  • Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Integration of new ride control system
  • Ride modification to meet current ASTM F24 safety standards
  • Ride modification to meet current EN 13814 safety standards
  • Certification by TÜV SÜD.
  • Delivery of new theming package including LED lighting
Spare Parts & Replacement Vehicles

Spare Parts & Replacement Vehicles

  • Replacement parts for all rides and attractions
  • European & U.S. components and assemblies
  • High quality
  • Conforms to ASTM F24/EN13814
  • Competitive pricing
  • Expert consultation
  • Quick response
  • Contact for details on replacement parts & assemblies
Ride Rehabilitation & Safety Modification

Ride Rehabilitation & Safety Modification

  • Vehicle Upgrades: Partial & Complete Teardown/Rebuild, Machining, Fiberglass & Painting, Bogies & Wheels
  • Track Repairs & Structural Modification: Re-Profiling, Fabrication, & Replacement
  • Component Manufacturing: Machining, Weldments, Fiberglass & Painting
  • Safety Restraint Modifications
  • Engineering, Detailing & FEA
  • Ride Control Engineering
  • Ride Evaluation, Factory & Site Testing
  • Troubleshooting: Mechanical, Operational, Strain & Stress Analysis
  • On-Site Assistance: Assembly, Installation, & Commissioning
  • Twelve Month Component Warranty
Chain & Sprocket Replacement & Rehabilitation

Chain & Sprocket Replacement & Rehabilitation

  • Exclusive supplier in the Americas for John King Chains
  • We supply replacement products for ours and others’ rides
  • Chains and sprockets conform to ISO 9001
  • All chain products can be matched worldwide
  • Existing chain can be replicated no matter the time in service
  • Only facility that makes sprocket wheels to ensure an exact match for the 2 components
  • Annual inspection & analysis, expert consultation & optional on-site support
  • Turnkey chain replacement and special orders are available
  • 24/7/365 Rapid Response Network™ to support all rehab & service needs
Magnetic Brakes

Magnetic Brakes

  • Unaffected by oil, water, or ice
  • Safely decelerates the largest and fastest vehicles
  • Retains strength indefinitely
  • Requires no power source
  • Requires no additional control system
  • 14 Day Turnkey Installation by Premier Service™ Team
  • 2-year warranty on materials and workmanship
  • More than 2000 magnetic brakes in successful operation
  • Meets ASTM F-24 requirements/TÜV approved
Ride Relocation

Ride Relocation

  • Turnkey relocation service by the Premier Service Team™
  • Shipping coordination of all equipment
  • Onsite supervision during installation and commissioning
  • Documentation (manuals, drawings, etc.) for relocation
  • Complete testing and analysis
  • Standard 12 month warranty
  • Post-opening support including Premier Rides Rapid Response™ technical support
  • Ride enhancement options available
Legacy Ride Upgrades

Legacy Ride Upgrades

  • Full service rehabilitation and enhancements
  • Extends the life of your signature attractions
  • Technology updates for control systems
  • Technology updates for braking systems
  • Safety compliance to current standards
Queue Gate Systems

Queue Gate Systems

  • Available for new installations and existing attractions
  • Designed to withstand 6000 in/lbs. torque 2 lbs. operation force
  • 8 lbs. maximum force potentially felt by patron
  • Solid state controls (no relays)
  • Valve life greater than 10 million cycles
  • Passive locking in closed position
  • Meets BOCA code for fencing standards
  • No mechanical switch failures as a result of using Optical Encoders